Yes, it is relaxing and free to travel by oneself Two people, you can chat with each other or stop whenever you want. That’s much better to go with friends, take pictures to make the time fixed on the azure blue sea. What about more friends to join? Hey, then we can have more interesting ways to travel. Where’s the place for rest on the travel? I believe the downtown must be great, we can buy and eat what we want. If that place is close to the train station? That’s perfect, the best advantage exactly is that we can walk there easily. Save transportation costs and have more time to enjoy scenes of the city.

Corner House is over here, we are expecting to bring you with such feeling. Let’s plan to visit Huilien!

You can walk freely, stay freely and play freely, the ease backpackers do love is in the Corner House. The whole space is mainly designed for your comfort, you can stay at ease in the elegant and generously comfortable environment. Corner House, we are looking forward to meet you at the corner in Huilien. ~
Travel is a happy thing, sharing happiness as well.
On the big black board, draw a specific mark or write down your mood, hush~this is our little secret.
Address: 743 Zhongshan Road, Hualien City
Business Hours e: 8:00-21:00
Please check in before 20:30