Reservation Information
  1. Please contact us by telephone to check whether we still have rooms available when reserving. After reservation has been made, remit the 50% of room rate to the designate account as a deposit in three days and reply the remittance information to House Corner in order to protect your rights. If we had yet to receive the deposit and the reply of remittance information until the deadline, we would cancel the reservation.
  2. New Year's Day& straight vacations: please remit in 3days after reserving, or 3days earlier before check-in(excluding arrival date.) We would not reserve the room and automatically inform the cancellation.

Check-in Information
  1. Business hours: 08:00-21:00, please check in before 20:30. After registration and getting the room key, there is no entrance guard. Check-out time is 11:00
  2. Bunk beds co-residential Guests(one bed for one person)
  3. In order to protect the quality of your stay,we prohibit from smoking, hubbub, drinking, betel nut, and pet . And please clean up actively after using public area. Thank you for cooperation.
  4. Please be quiet in public area on first floor and your rooms
  5. Nontenants are not allowed to enter the rooms, please stay in the public area on first floor.
  6. For security and environment, any behaviors of cooking are prohibited, including using electrical and gas appliances which are not equipped for the rooms. If above behaviors are found, Corner House has rights to refuse these violators to stay and would not refund the room rate.
  7. Please keep an eye on your personal valuables. If they were lost, Conner House is not responsible for them. Sorry for your inconvenience.
  8. Please remember return the room key when you check out.
  9. If the actual number of stay exceeded registered number, we may have to charge 500NTD clean fee for each extra one.
  10. Please compensate for the equipment and furniture if you caused damage to them accidently.
  11. If you have any questions about the service, please don’t hesitate to contact us, thank you.

The deposit would not be refunded if the reservation is canceled on arrival date or postponed.
※ If you can’t check in on arrival date but you have paid the deposit, please contact us 5 days early. You can choose to take back the deposit or save.
※ The deposit will be saved for 3 months after the reservation changed, guests can change the arrival date or transfer this right to other guests, but only one time. The right’s owner(not only the initial) is limited to use it; otherwise, it will be considered to be abandoned.
  1. Cancellation 10 days before arrival date, refund 100% deposit (we may have to charge 100NTD service charge.)
  2. Cancellation 7-9 days before arrival date, refund 70% deposit
  3. Cancellation 3- 6 before arrival date, refund 50% deposit
  4. Cancellation in 2days before arrival date , deposit won’t be refunded.
If suffering from some irresistible factors, such as typhoon or earthquake, it depends on the announcement of Hualien government, guests can choose take back deposit or save for 3 months.
If typhoon alarm is relieved but roads are still broken, the deposit can be refunded totally or save the reservation for 3 months. However, please inform us one day early than arrival date(before 12:00p.m.)
If booking people insist on taking back deposit rather than saving reservation, it is considered that reservation is like being canceled 7 days early, just refund 30%. Deposit.